Vision & Philosophy

„We can’t change the fact, that our entire life can be full of imperfections. Therefore, it is beneficial to focus on certain imperfect things, namely the ones you prefer, so you can control them on your own terms.“ 

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This is the purpose of THE LIFELOVER CLUB. An organization that builds and acts on fundamental ethical principles such as respect, integrity, honesty and loyalty. With the vision of creating a community that can restore a balance between self-interest and the common good, with the help of freedom and love. A community that will take on true greatness in showing people what opportunities are available to them when they unite.

Choosing awareness enables the creation of a place where people like to be and where they can feel at home. A place they proudly belong to and which they help shape. Within this organization the members can find their own purpose and define their goals and wishes. To reach your individual personal freedom.

Sadly, in the world we live in today, a tattoo is a good example of devaluation and lack of education in our society. From houses and cars to watches and clothing or smartphones and sneakers. People pay fortunes for these perishable things. However, when it comes to tattoos people still want to get it as cheap as possible, or even as a vacation experience. Isn’t it absurd – the thing people carry with them or under their skin for the rest of their lives is of such low value to them?

A tattoo is an artistic, permanent change to the individual appearance. However, many people are not aware that this change always requires an invasion in the largest human organ, the skin. Accordingly, one should assume that such invasions are carried out under specific regulations and standards, which are constantly reviewed. Quite a few things can happen to tattoos, from inflammation to, in the worst case, the loss of a body part. However, this is not the case. Up to now the occupation “Tattoo artist” isn’t a registered occupation in Germany. This means that everyone, who chooses to can buy a tattoo machine and start tattooing.

Our mission is to change these circumstances. Starting with redefining the profession and constantly optimizing all standards to the current scientifical knowledge, THE LIFELOVER CLUB sets standards for artists, which are long overdue in this industry. We create art and provide a professional and excellent service.

We should all be aware, that the balance between these two is of big importance.  A tattoo is not just a tattoo. It’s an exciting and wonderful but also intimate experience. For this reason not only hygienic and organizational standards have to prevail, but also atmospheric standards, e.g. the privacy of your own room.

With our mission statement “spread love – where you go; let no one ever come to you, without leaving happier”, we created a place that offers both costumer and artist the best possible experience for a tattoo. We always strive to convey the true value of a tattoo and provide educational work for the occupation of a professional tattoo artist, so that every artist can fully focus on creating lifelong art.