The tattoo experience for your event

26. July 2019


TEMPORARY CLUB @ Styleranking Blogger Event

The TEMPORARY CLUB is based on the core values of THE LIFELOVER CLUB. Furthermore it focuses on enabling people to enjoy their tattooing experience at various locations and events in full amount. Just like THE LIFELOVER CLUB it offers the opportunity to create unique and timeless designs for guests.  

Through the TEMPORARY CLUB, a professional, elegant and hygienic Atmosphere is created. Let it be at an internal business event or the biggest fairs the world has to offer.  

THE LIFELOVER CLUB is represented by highly qualified artists and a management team, which will also consult, prepare and care for the guests throughout the process on site. Depending on the agreement, the TEMPORARY CLUB will realize projects according to previous definition.

Make your event unforgettable and in addition enable your guests to become art, forever.