Setting new standards for

Professional tattoing

THE LIFELOVER CLUB has established standards that offer a professional environment for the tattooing artist as well as the tattoo itself. This allows us to create the best possible tattoo experience for both you and our artist.

A tattoo is one of the few decisions we make for our entire life. It is inked on our largest organ, the skin.
Accordingly, this aesthetic intervention is only carried out after a professional consultation and only on someone of legal age.

We insist on hygiene standards that go far beyond the legal requirement.
Every artist of THE LIFELOVER CLUB works according to these standards and only uses material of highest quality.

Our all-round service, discretion and separate working rooms offer maximum privacy.
This creates the ideal setting for an unforgettable experience, free from all unwanted distractions to create a unique work of art.

In order to support you in your decision, our artists will always create a personal unique piece for you. We will send you a preview of your tattoo motive a few days prior your appointment. We will then adjust your preview according to your wishes. Your project will only be finalized when you are absolutely sure and satisfied.

We work with fixed price ranges for each project, depending on the size and the level of detail. For this reason you will always know the maximum price the project will cost, before your appointment. The minimum price for a project is between 150,00€ and 250,00€, depending on the chosen artist. For an assessment of your project, send a non-binding inquiry via our contact form.

In order to create timeless elegance, our artists work exclusively with black tattoo ink in various shades of grey. The colors used comply with all legal and EU REACH requirements, are free of any toxins or heavy metals and are always of the highest quality.